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Short and sweet message, but I want to say -- a belated MERRY CHRISTMAS to all! Hope you had some fun and random adventures! Hugs!! <3
Woooooooo! So, just in Sydney atm and I just spent soooo much money on my jdramas! There is a shop that had all my favourites! *squeeee time now* under 20 bucks for a whole season! Yeah!

The first and real reason I am here was to see POWDERFINGER live in their final tour! So brilliantly AWESOME!!

*sad face over the final bit*

I know I am mean to post more, but I often get sidetracked. I will! I swear! But for now I have to send a big giant hug to crashtestskater because today is her birthday!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Giant hugs from Australia!!!

I hope you have an awesome day!!!! Catch ya online sometime! :)

Pretty new things!

So last night i decided that I would change the layout to my livejournal! It was some stupid hour, my eyes were all gritty and I should have been sleeping, but instead I trolled through 9 pages each with 96 designs on it, to find one that suited! Then I made some new avatars of my favourite boys! :D
Eventually I slept.......now I am downloading Hiro Mizushima's last movie "Drop', Been kinda curious about it for a while! Will maybe even write a review of it....at some point! lol

The random unexpected from people...

So, today started out as a normal everyday web shift. With a random assortment of students ranging from very (very) low to the uber high.
There is one student in particular who I haven't seen in 3 weeks and was wondering what had happened to him. He is very particular and has the same time each week. He is also 83 years old. So normally he leads the lesson with what he wants to talk about. 
I was a little apprehensive to have a lesson with him today seen as we usually have technical difficulties and the last time we spoke I was getting a cold, and therefore not sounding the same. He declared that I had lost my beautiful voice. (whatever that is meant to mean)

Anyway, with a bit trepidation, I went to the lesson (it was my last for the day anyway) and it turned out to be a really great conversation!!

First he asked what I thought of the Japanese rainy season. Which my reply was ' I'm a Aussie. Rain is wonderful. Humidity sucks.'

Then he told me that he had thought of some questions beforehand to ask me! (awww he had done homework!)

These were his questions:

1. If I could eliminate one section of a traditional wedding ceremony, what would it be?

2. If I had to write a list of the 3 things that made me the happiest. What would they be?

3. If I had to choose any musical instrument to be played by a professional to listen to, what would it be?

I know its being a little stereotypical, but this is not the questions I was expecting to hear. usually it is about the weekend, weather, free time, hobbies...etc. So it was really nice to have an intelligent conversation with questions that were thought provoking and different.

Yay. He is back on my 'I like talking to them' list.

All answers are in a sense what I said, but think of them with more polite words and longer explanations.

Some things just suck.

They really do. And the ones that suck the most are the ones you can't do anything about. They really are the suckiest bunch of suck that ever did suck. Which sucks. -sigh- and now I have a cold. sucky.


Just a quick stop by to say hey! And that my current location is Korea, Seoul to be exact. :D

Gotta run for now. Tomorrow I get to see a fortress! And just saying fortress sounds so cool!!! lol

Laters for now!


Today's Randomness!

Original scheme for the day: To be out of the house. To see snow and general adventure. With a bit of shenanigans and tomfoolery to boot.
Original destination: Hirakata
Reason: Snow Park. (Fake snow!)
Time to destination: 26minutes on the subway and Keihan trains.

Actual scheme: To be out of the house. To see snow and general adventure. With a bit of shenanigans and tomfoolery to boot.
Actual destination: Kusatsu
Reason: why the heck not!
Time to destination: 65 minutes on uber fast JR.


I have lived in Japan for almost a year. Lived through the icky gross summer (my least favourite season) and now that winter is upon us and is soon to depart for the gross season again, don't I deserve to see the one thing I have never seen in all my years of life? Yes, I have never seen snow. And apparently it is now avoiding me. Don't know how or why it chooses to do that, but it is! It's a conspiracy. Its not like I haven't tried. I know it doesn't snow really at all in Osaka, but I have been to the places where it does snow! I have been to Kyoto, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Nara every weekend! But still to no avail!!!

So today, started out like any other day...me sleeping in and then thinking that I have to do my laundry. Next thought -'screw the laundry, where does that train go!'. Which is exactly what happened!

I was going to go to the Snow Park in Hirakata city, but seriously I haven't seen snow to this point, fake snow just doesn't cut it! I am determined to say I saw real snow or that I have lived in Japan for a year and never saw it! There is no halfsies! So I decided that I would head to Kyoto, there is meant to be snow there! At the station, the next uber fast train was bound for Tsuruga. I always wanted to go there! what?? it sounds like a song we used to play on DDR.

Anyway, I got on, and while I sooo wanted to stay on the train till the end, it was late in the afternoon, so I choose to get off in Kusatsu. (been there before for work, but didn't explore the area.) and hey there is meant to be a Lake or something.

I wandered down the main street if you can call it a mainstreet. and found a shopping mall arrrrrggghh to much hanging with Americans centre. Found some niffty shops that sold real pasta!!! the kind that is spinach and riccotta filled pillows of pastalike goodness! and real tea forgummical to help with sleeping! Then there was random guy selling Japanse sweets, who was awesome! He gave me an extra 3! declaring it as service! lol. Then of all places I go, i cannot resist! clothes I can actually wear! there was a Uniqlo. Got me some bargains! go the end of season sale, before the end of season!

Where by it felt like the time to find me a train home. Go the uber special rapid! However in the true Japanes style, I glanced at the delays board just to check before finding my train.  The JR loop line had been delayed due to "Human Damage Accident". Hmmmmm. Not so good, but as always weird combination of words! I shouldn't laugh, but human damage??

I made it back to Shin Osaka in time for my tummy to rumble and declare its need for food. But I got a bit delayed in fulfilling this need caus there was a bag sale right at my exit! so I may have bought another bag...it was only 10 bucks!! Finally there was food and an awesomely wonderful conversation with my boy!  Woooooo! Which also consisted of finding out why my DS was on the fritz! Yay!! more puzzle games for me!

Now I should sleep.

Oh my day even got a theme song! Weird, I know, but when you actually hear something in English it tends to get stuck in your head!

Theme song for the day: Yellow submarine.

Shopping in Japan!!

Today I went shopping! Not just any shopping but shopping down the longest arcade in Japan! And of all places for it to be - Osaka! Wooooo! go us!
Anyway it is 2.5 km long and we started in the middle and eventually found one end, then silly us turned around and went to the other end! Seriously it makes your head spin at the never ending sight of the shops, lights, decorations, Torii gates hanging from the roof. Very niffty  continuing pavement of squggly fun. YAY. go us.

Bought me some of those chrissie presents. and me a new bag. wooooo.

my feet are cold.

gotta find me some socks. :)
Wow! It has been SIX months!!  That is sooo freaking weird! I keep forgetting to update my journal. I swore I would actually write stuff here, well technically I am writing stuff here! But you know what I mean! consistently! 

To have a mini catch up:

I am still in Japan.
I am about to move apartments--this one sucks! need fresh air(as fresh as it can be) and not be in a basement.
I am now 27.
I am still in love with my boy-going on 2 years now. :D
I have an almost full schedule, but I like it that way.
I am meeting a whole bunch of people.
I am totally missing my peoples back home.
I am starved for English books and scour the land for shops that have them.
I have my own Kimono.
I am working on my Japanese.
I have gotten very drunk.
I have bought more cameras.
I have been exploring the country.
I have been hiding out in my English world.
I have been on the bullet train.
I have lost weight.
I have walked up way too many stairs.

lol. It's been fun!